Tips for writing a resume.

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Tips for writing a resume.

Messagepar Heridan » 26 Jan 2022, 05:46

There is an opinion that, they say, a resume is a ticket to an interview. His main task is to receive a call. This is a very erroneous opinion that has ruined a large number of professionals. A person thinks that if he has worked at Microsoft, Yandex, Google, then it does not matter what kind of resume he has - it is important to indicate the places of work. He is partly right: such a resume, of course, will interest the recruiter, but no more.

The main task of the resume is to show the real value of you as a professional. If you didn’t immediately show your real value, then it will be more difficult to do it in an interview.

The resume should be such that the recruiter wants to “buy” it. For a recruiter, a resume is one of the main tools of his work. Of course, you care about the interface of the programs or the design of the sites you work with. You will avoid interfaces that you don't like. The same thing happens with a recruiter: if he doesn’t like the interface of your resume, the recruiter’s desire to work with your resume is lower.

An experienced recruiter, if he likes the content of your resume, will redo the resume and make it more sold, but this is more the exception than the rule. The next person to look at your resume after the recruiter is the hiring manager. Thus, the resume passes a double, and sometimes triple check. A good summary makes you want to read it in full and re-read it again.

There is no universal resume for all professions. For every profession, different types of resumes are important. The task of each type of resume is to show what is most important for the profession. So, for example, for selling professions, it is important to show how you earned money for the company. It is very important for technical and IT professions to show the presence of different skills and knowledge, for marketing - completed projects, and so on.

Your resume is not a set of separate blocks about your work, education and training. A million dollar resume is a resume that is built into a success story. What is a success story? This is when it is clear how your education, career path, all kinds of trainings and certificates, personal qualities and the position you are looking for are connected. If there is no logic in these elements, the recruiter will skip your resume.

Your resume must indicate your successes (achievements) for each job. If it is not clear from the titles of the positions and companies that you changed that you were on the rise, this should be visible in the description of duties and achievements.

A good resume is a resume that has been written and rewritten. Throughout its history (from the first to the last job), a resume can be rewritten up to 20-30 times.

In addition, a first-class resume is a resume where every phrase adds value to it.

Petite bestiole
Petite bestiole
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Re: Tips for writing a resume.

Messagepar Vynnetanon » 26 Jan 2022, 10:55

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