er, autumn and winter

C'est ici que tout commence, pour apprendre à se connaître
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er, autumn and winter

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My grandmother is tall and thin, her hair is still black, and wrinkles like annual rings are on her forehead. They record the big and small things that the grandmother experienced. My grandmother is kind and very kind. She loves her cousin, cousin and me Marlboro Gold. Once, I was going to visit her at her grandmother's house. I passed by my grandmother's vegetable field and saw her wearing a hat and gloves and working in the field Parliament Cigarettes. On the hot summer day, the sweat beads on the grandmother's face were clearly visible under the sunlight. I ran into the field and yelled sweetly, "Grandma!" Grandma laid down her farm tools when she heard the sound, and when she saw me, she smiled and said, "Oh, grandson, it's you!" And quickly let her go home. When I got home, my grandmother said mysteriously, "I invite you to eat a good thing!" When I saw it, it turned out to be a grandma's homemade pastry. It was soft and soft and very delicious. After I finished eating a piece of pastry, my grandmother said with a smile: "Delicious? Grandma has many more here, you can continue to eat! Grandma is very good at making dumplings. This year's Dragon Boat Festival, I learn to make dumplings with my grandmother for the first time." You See, you need to stick the glutinous rice with water first, "said the grandmother, making movements," and then kneading it like a plasticine. "Speaking, my grandmother pinched the glutinous rice into a cone-like shape. I also drew a scoop on the gourd and learned with my grandmother." Then I will wrap it with zongzi and string. "Looking at my grandmother's skillful movements, I couldn't help but admire my grandmother. Finally, my grandmother put the dumplings in the microwave and heated them for a few minutes, and a dumpling was freshly baked. The scent of glutinous rice and zongzi leaves made my appetite greatly increased. The white glutinous rice wrapped in leaves is also tempting. The grandmother's skill in making dumplings is well-deserved! Grandma loves to grow flowers. Listening to my grandfather, when grandma was young, there was a small but beautiful garden in the village. It's a pity that during the "***" period, it was smashed by the "Red Guards". Today, although there is no garden, the grandmother put the flowers and plants for the whole family. There are peonies, Wenzhu, wax plums, ugly chrysanthemum ... Spring, summer, autumn and winter The flowers are endlessly blooming and dazzling. Among them, the grandma's favorite is the lily. The snow-white petals and green branches not only add a beauty to the home, but also bring a touch of flexibility. My grandmother loves flowers so much that her mother has become influenced by her. She has placed a few pots of mint in front of the door next door, so the layer where the grandmother lives is always fragrant, so that the neighbors The spirit of her is refreshed. In my eyes, my grandmother is like that mint, selfless dedication, admirable. Look, this is my grandmother, a kind, clever, flower-loving old man, I am proud of her ,pride
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