"Bell, bell, bell

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"Bell, bell, bell

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"Bell, bell, bell, class, please classmates quickly gathered in the auditorium." With the broadcast broadcast, we quickly came to the auditorium with a chair, sitting neatly, it was a fire-fighting lecture and exercise. The school invited the captain of the fire brigade and a special class for us. The fire-fighting knowledge lecture began. Suddenly, the auditorium was silent. The team leader said with great enthusiasm: "The most serious season of fire is winter Wholesale Cigarettes, because there are many sources of fire in the winter. For example, stoves, coal stoves, fires in the field, electric fires... ... In order to prevent gas poisoning, we must always open the window and ventilate and breathe." Captain Wang said here, the Qing dynasty went on to say: "Many people began to contact the fire 18,000 years ago. People use fire to burn ceramics and warm them. Fire, cooking... The fire has brought great benefits to mankind. But if you use the fire, you will cause a fire. In a school in 1999, because the school students read candles at night, they accidentally knocked over the candles, causing In the fire Marlboro Cigarettes, six students were burned to death on the spot.�� Captain Wang was very serious and extremely heavy about a shocking fire case. Full of silence, I felt the heavy consequences of the fire. After the fire drill was completed Cheap Cigarettes, the fire uncle took us to see the fire extinguisher and told us how to use the fire extinguisher. Give us a demonstration on the spot, let us experience it for yourself. After that, the exercise began, and the firefighting uncle solemnly said: "When you exercise, you have to bend over, lick your nose and mouth, and flee." The exercise started. We followed the fire uncle and said how to escape the fire scene in order. In a vivid fire class, we have learned some basic fire-fighting knowledge, and cultivated the ability to deal with fires and avoid self-rescue; both theory and practice, I will never forget it!
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